Wednesday, 18 July 2018

How to create or scan PDF files by camera

The PDF24 web app "Create PDF by camera" helps you to create a PDF by taking pictures from your smartphone via webcam or camera.

If you don't have a scanner at hand, this app from PDF24 will certainly help you. The app allows you to create a PDF based on photos that you can take with your webcam or camera on your smartphone. You can add as many pages as you like and combine everything in one PDF. This is an alternative way to scan your document.

How to sign PDF files electronically

The PDF24 web app "Sign PDF files" helps you to attach a signature to a PDF.

Signing a PDF is child's play with this app. First select your PDF in the app. Create a signature. There are several options for this:

How to compare two PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Compare PDF files" helps you to show differences between two PDF files.

Comparing two PDF files is quite easy with this app from PDF24. If a revision of the file contains small changes or corrections in the text, you can uncover them with the PDF24 app.

How to overlay PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Overlay PDF files" helps you to overlay two PDF files on top of each other.

Overlaying PDF files makes sense if, for example, you want to combine a document with a digital paper file. You can select the template and document in the app. Both files are overlayed. The result is your document that is combine with the template.

How to view PDFs and other files

The PDF24 web app "View PDF files" helps you to view PDF and other files.

Viewing PDF files is nothing new, but this app from PDF24 makes it even better, because you can use this app to view all files that PDF24 can convert to PDF. This includes e.g. Word, Excel or Powerpoint files.

How to add page numbers to PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Add page numbers" helps you to integrate page numbers into a PDF.

With this app from PDF24 you can insert page numbers quickly and easily into your PDF files. This is especially useful if you have previously connected several files to a PDF. A suitable tool for this is also available as a web app in the PDF24 Toolbox.

How to add a watermark to PDF files

PDF24's web app "Add Watermark" helps you to integrate a watermark into a PDF.

With this PDF24 app you can quickly and easily insert a watermark into your PDF files.