Wednesday, 18 July 2018

How to create or scan PDF files by camera

The PDF24 web app "Create PDF by camera" helps you to create a PDF by taking pictures from your smartphone via webcam or camera.

If you don't have a scanner at hand, this app from PDF24 will certainly help you. The app allows you to create a PDF based on photos that you can take with your webcam or camera on your smartphone. You can add as many pages as you like and combine everything in one PDF. This is an alternative way to scan your document.

How to sign PDF files electronically

The PDF24 web app "Sign PDF files" helps you to attach a signature to a PDF.

Signing a PDF is child's play with this app. First select your PDF in the app. Create a signature. There are several options for this:

How to compare two PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Compare PDF files" helps you to show differences between two PDF files.

Comparing two PDF files is quite easy with this app from PDF24. If a revision of the file contains small changes or corrections in the text, you can uncover them with the PDF24 app.

How to overlay PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Overlay PDF files" helps you to overlay two PDF files on top of each other.

Overlaying PDF files makes sense if, for example, you want to combine a document with a digital paper file. You can select the template and document in the app. Both files are overlayed. The result is your document that is combine with the template.

How to view PDFs and other files

The PDF24 web app "View PDF files" helps you to view PDF and other files.

Viewing PDF files is nothing new, but this app from PDF24 makes it even better, because you can use this app to view all files that PDF24 can convert to PDF. This includes e.g. Word, Excel or Powerpoint files.

How to add page numbers to PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Add page numbers" helps you to integrate page numbers into a PDF.

With this app from PDF24 you can insert page numbers quickly and easily into your PDF files. This is especially useful if you have previously connected several files to a PDF. A suitable tool for this is also available as a web app in the PDF24 Toolbox.

How to add a watermark to PDF files

PDF24's web app "Add Watermark" helps you to integrate a watermark into a PDF.

With this PDF24 app you can quickly and easily insert a watermark into your PDF files.

How to web-optimize PDF files

PDF24's web app "Optimize PDF files for the web" helps you to linearize your PDF so that it is displayed faster on the web.

PDF files should always be optimized for the web when you publish them on the web or on your website. This means that your PDF is displayed much faster, because the entire document no longer needs to be downloaded for the first display of the PDF.

How to sort and move pages in PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Sort PDF pages" helps you to change the page order in PDF files.

Sometimes it happens that the order of the pages in a PDF is not as desired. These can then be easily corrected with the PDF24 app. Simply open your PDF in the app and put the pages in the right order. Save your PDF afterwards.

How to convert PDFs to other file formats

The PDF24 web app "Convert PDF to another format" helps you to convert your PDF to other file formats.

Converting PDF files to other file formats such as text, HTML, Word, JPG and other formats is very easy with this app.

How to annotate PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Annotate PDF files" helps you to annotate PDF files.

Inserting annotations into PDF files is easy with this app from PDF24. Open your PDF in the app and you're good to go. There are several tools available that you can work with. You can highlight text, draw in pages with a pen, insert images and shapes, set colors and transparencies and a lot more.

How to edit PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Edit PDF files online" helps you to edit your PDF files.

Editing a PDF is not easy. Actually, the PDF format was not developed for this either. Therefore, there are very few tools that can do this. PDF24 is one of the tools with which you can easily edit PDF files. This way you can quickly add text, images and other elements to change your PDF.

How to compile online application as PDF

The PDF24 web app "Compile online application as PDF" helps you to create your online application.

Nowadays many companies require an online application. The preferred way is more often via online forms or by e-mail. But here, too, it is important to present an attractive application folder. The web app "Compile online application as PDF" helps you to combine all important information into one file.

How to recognition text in PDF files with OCR

The free web app "PDF Text Recognition with OCR" analyzes PDF documents and converts them into a text-based PDF document.

Using OCR, letters and words from image documents can be read out on the computer, making texts editable. The free online tool "PDF Text Recognition with OCR" does this directly in the browser.

How to remove password protection from PDF files

With the PDF24 web app "Remove password protection of a PDF" you can delete the password protection and thus release the file for further users.

PDF files secured by a password are difficult to share with other users. The online tool "Remove PDF password protection" helps you to delete the password protection of your PDF file.

How to convert pages in PDF files to images

With this free web app from PDF24 you can convert the pages of a PDF document into images.

With PDF24's free web app "Convert pages of a PDF into images" you can easily extract the pages of a PDF file online in your browser and save them as individual image files.

How to convert files to PDF

With the free web app "Convert to PDF" from PDF24 you can convert any file online into PDF files.

The free web app "Convert to PDF" from PDF24 lets you convert various file types into PDFs free of charge and directly in your browser. Supported are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office files, as well as various image formats.

How to merge files into one PDF

The free web app "Merge PDF files online" from PDF24 is a tool with which you can merge several PDF files into one file.

Using the PDF24 online tool "Merge PDF files online", several PDF documents can be merged into a single document.

How to extract images from PDF files

Use the free web app "Extract images from PDF files" to save individual images from your PDFs as image files.

To save the graphics from a PDF individually, simply drag and drop the PDF into the appropriate field of the "Extract images from PDF files" web app in your browser. Then you can easily download the extracted image files and save them on your PC.

How to create a PDF picture book

PDF24's practical web app "Create PDF Picture Book" lets you create your own picture book as PDF from your photos.

To create your own picture book in PDF format, simply drag and drop your images into the "Create PDF Picture Book" web app window in your browser. You will then receive the finished PDF for download.

How to convert a webpage to PDF

With the free web app "Convert website to PDF", websites can be downloaded after conversion to PDF format.

With the "Convert website to PDF" online tool from PDF24 you can convert individual websites into PDF format and then download them. You can also use Word. Download Excel and image files that you can find on the web as PDF files.

How to protect PDF files with a password

With the free web app "Protect PDF files", PDF files can be password-protected.

With PDF24's "Protect PDF Files" online tool, you password-protect your PDF files so that their contents are protected from unwanted view.

How to shrink PDF files and reduce file size

Depending on the content, PDF files require a few megabytes (MB) of storage space. This is no problem even on small hard disks and SSDs - because large multimedia-enriched documents are usually likely to occur in small numbers. When uploading to the Internet, the files are rather cumbersome: Many e-mail providers limit the maximum size for attachments. In cloud storage, overly complex PDFs could exhaust the free capacity - not alone, but together with other files. The removal of pages or a reduction in quality helps to prevent this.

How to split PDF files

With the web app "Split PDF files" you can divide online PDF files with several pages into individual files.

With the web app "Split PDF files" you can easily split multi-page PDF files into several individual PDFs in the browser. The files do not even have to be in PDF format, but are converted automatically during the splitting process.

How to rotate pages in PDF files

Rotating PDF files is often a tedious task. With the free web app "Rotate PDF files online" from PDF24 you can do this quickly and easily directly in your browser.

The free web app "Rotate PDF files online" from PDF24 is a tool with which you can rotate PDF files and save them as new PDF files.

How to merge PDF files into a single PDF

With the web app "compile PDF online" you can compile various PDF files in your browser free of charge.

The online tool "Merge PDFs online" offers you the possibility to combine different PDF files in your browser and thus create a multi-page PDF document.

How to extract pages in PDF files

The free web app "Extract PDF pages" from PDF24 helps you to extract specific pages from several PDF files.

With the free web app "Extract PDF pages" from PDF24 you can save pages from your "Portable Documents" individually.

How to delete pages in PDF files

With the free web app "Delete PDF pages" you can remove pages from several PDF files and thus hide unwanted content.

PDF24's free web app "Remove PDF pages" is a tool with which you can specifically delete pages from PDF files.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Blogger PDF widget updated and fixed

We have updated the PDF24 Blogger PDF Widgets. The widgets were broken the last weeks, because Google discontinued some services and that affected the widgets. We have updated the widgets and now we host all the static assets which are used by the widgets on PDF24 content servers. If your PDF widget is currently broken, you should update to the new version.

How to add a PDF widget

To update you widget, you can use the buttons on the PDF widget select page. Just click on one of the widget add buttons to add a widget to your blog.

Your blog benefits if you use this widget

We have also optimized the backend system and we have added a nice benefit for you. If you use the PDF widget in your blog, you can earn some social likes and shared for your articles. The progress popup window contains some social buttons, which are connected with your blog articles and if someone uses one of the buttons, your blog will get the like and share. This is a really cool feature to generate social signals.

PDF Widget Social Buttons
PDF Widget Social Buttons

Stable system

Our system is running for several years now and we have continuously improved it. Now we have a very stable system which generates a lot of PDF files each day from different pages.

This service is free

This widget uses the free conversion service from PDF24 uses this service for the tools on their pages and they have enough resources to make that service for free.

Try it out

Simply give this widget a try. Add one widget to your page. If you do not like it, you can simply remove it. Believe me or not, your visitors will like this feature in your blog. You have nothing to loose. It's free.

Friday, 6 September 2013

New Blogger PDF Widget released


we have released a new version of the handy PDF widget. The widget enables your readers to create a PDF file of your post's in your blog. Each article is linked with the article in your blog.

The new version optimizes background images so that the widget will look a little better within your blog. We have also added a new style to give you more variants so that you can choose the one which fits best.

We have create some "Add to you blog" buttons to add the widget to your blog. The buttons can be found here:

Just click on the button next to the style version to add the widget of that style to your blog.

Try it out and give us feedback if you have trouble.