Wednesday, 18 July 2018

How to add page numbers to PDF files

The PDF24 web app "Add page numbers" helps you to integrate page numbers into a PDF.

With this app from PDF24 you can insert page numbers quickly and easily into your PDF files. This is especially useful if you have previously connected several files to a PDF. A suitable tool for this is also available as a web app in the PDF24 Toolbox.

You can insert page numbers in just a few steps:
  1. Open your PDF files in the app.
  2. Then change the settings for your page numbers.
  3. Start the insertion process and save your result.
Conclusion: The WebApp "Add page numbers" is easy to use and you get your result quickly. You don't have to install anything, just open the app in your browser. There are numerous options to configure the insertion of page numbers.

The link to the app is here:

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